As most of our supporters are now aware, we lost our beloved Hannah in October, 2012, and we miss her immensely. We were so surprised to have received so many condolence messages so Hannah must have touched many hearts over the years. Lovely memories for us and to think that others share that with us is really special.


We all felt we were ready for a new little German Shepherd puppy and we decided to rescue a little girl who had been taken into care in Sydney. We picked a name for her (Sophie) and we waited a little while until she could come up to us and these photos are of her first couple of days with us. She is extremely pretty and all the Gang have welcomed her and our other German Shepherd, Dixie, has decided to play mum and is very much into looking after our little Sophie now. The last slide shows Bubba from - he is quite taken with Sophie and we suspect they will end up partners in crime!


We hope you enjoy this presentation - we have a feeling Sophie will be quite the star and she is settling in with us beautifully. Before we got her we started to receive emails from people asking how she was doing and asking when would she arrive so we thank you all for that and... HERE SHE IS!


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Thanks for joining us!




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